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We are providers of solid rental homes in the Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL area.

Our roots began in 2001 establishing OwnerFinanceHomes.com and became the “#1 Providers of Owner-Financed Homes in Columbus, GA & Phenix City, AL”.

In 2007, we expanded our housing options to include Traditional and Conventional Home Rentals of single-family homes. This includes Home Rentals to applicants with a solid and verifiable residential history and those involved in Section 8 Housing Voucher Program and the HAP program. We work with The Housing Authority of Columbus GA.

Seeking Honest and Honorable Residents

We seek honest and honorable residents. They are people who do a good job communicating with their landlords and maintain a clean home. They take pride in where they live and maintain both the inside and outside of their homes. They lead relatively stable lives and do not engage in reckless behavior such as DUIs, violence, theft, sell drugs, or engage in criminal activity. They are in control of their lives and do not let life take control of them. They are respectful of other people’s property and considerate of their neighbors.

If you fall into this category, you will absolutely love working with us because we are accommodating to good residents.

No Deadbeats Allowed

On a more negative note, We have a “No-Deadbeat” Policy. We have had applicants with a history of abandoning landlords leaving their debts unpaid, not giving proper notice before leaving, or excessively damage the property. They have also been evicted in the past. We have had applicants who want to move-in overnight. We do not do “overnight” move-ins. We are not in the hotel business. We have had applicants who have a history of writing bad checks and other more serious criminal behavior. If you have deadbeat habits, please apply elsewhere. You will not like to work with us because we do not tolerate deadbeat behavior. We will be very quick to evict, sue for damages, and garnish wages.

If you do not have good credit, we will not automatically disqualify you. However, you will be interviewed regarding your personal situation and we ABSOLUTELY verify references. If you do not have “good” references, please do not apply. We prefer to keep our homes vacant until we find the right resident for each home we manage.


We adopt similar qualification standards as many of our fellow Landlords and Property Managers do in the local area. Please check to see if you meet these requirements.

    • Income Requirements: The rent you pay should not be more than 1/3 of your income.
    • Residential History: We prefer at least two positive (non-family) landlord references with a solid rental history of at least 2 years. We discourage applicants who have been evicted to apply with us.
  • Employment: We prefer applicants that have gainful employment with at least 6 months in their current job.

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