How Our Lease-to-Own / Lease-Option Program Works



  1. Drive to the home and inspect it.
  2. Come back and print out an application. Fill it out completely and FAX it in.
  3. Call for a telephone interview.
  4. FAX copies of Drivers License, Social Security card, and Proof of Income (check stubs)

How Does Your Lease-to-Own/Lease-Option Program Work?

You lease the home for 2 years, clean up your credit, keep a good payment history, and qualify for a new mortgage loan within two years.

How Much Money Do I Need?

You need to save enough money for:

  • Security Deposit +
  • First Month’s Rent +
  • Administrative Option Fee ($200 to $400)

EZ QUALIFICATIONS (No credit check)

  • Verifiable Landlord references and Tenant History
  • Verifiable Employment History & Income
  • No Evictions within 4 years
  • Lease payment is not more than 40% of household take-home pay
  • Pass criminal background check (Misdemeanors & minor infractions ok.)



What kind of financing do you provide?

We provide short-term, intermediate financing to help families, who cannot immediately qualify for a conventional mortgage, buy a home. We typically finance the house for two years so that you can qualify for a new mortgage loan to fully transfer the house into your name. During this two-year period as you enjoy living in the home, you will clean up your credit, improve your financial situation, earn credits towards the refinance, and establish a solid 12-month payment history. The primary method of this short-term financing is provided by a lease with purchase option. This method of owner-financing is well accepted by most lenders and superior to most programs you see today due to its simplicity and relatively low-cost of implementation.

What is a Lease with Purchase Option?

A lease with purchase option is a cost-effective way to set up intermediate, short-term financing. It is good for you because it allows you “try out” the home for two years to see if the home is truly a good fit for you. It allows you to simultaneously establish a great payment and tenant history essential to qualifying for a mortgage loan.

Very few people in the local area understand the specifics of this kind of transaction. We specialize in it. We have seen some of our friendly competitors do this for some tenants but despite this, no one does more of these transactions than we do. Unlike many rental homes available today, we offer nearly everyone who lives in our homes the opportunity to buy.

How much money do I need to get a house?

You will typically need to save enough money for the following fees, deposit, and rent items to join our Lease-to-Own/Lease-Option Program.

  • Criminal background check ($15/applicant)
  • Security deposit
  • 1st month’s rent
  • Purchase Option fee
  • Pet Fee ($250 for the 1st pet, $75/pet after the 1st pet)

Partial months will be prorated and credited on the 2nd month of your tenancy.

What will happen if we cannot get it refinanced after two years?

We are not in the business of removing people from houses especially from historically good-paying tenants. If you have maintained the house, made timely payments to us, and been a good resident, we can (for a small fee) extend the contract one year to give you more time to qualify for a refinance. We can extend the contract one-year at a time until you do qualify for a refinance. However, for each one-year extension, you may be subject to a small extension fee, a monthly rent payment increase, and/or a purchase price increase.

What kind of people do you work with?

We work with good tenants who are serious about one day buying their own home. We want people who will have pride of ownership and be good neighbors. We look for people who have a reliable job and income, financially responsible, and have a good tenant history. Having decent credit is preferred but not required. We look at every family on a case-by-case basis.

What qualifications do you look for?

We generally have easy qualifications for our applicants. The two most important things we look for are: whether you are currently employed at a job in good standing, have a good tenant history and verifiable landlord references. We understand that you may have experienced foreclosure, repossessions, bankruptcy, overdue medical bills, or other credit challenges in your past. Good news! We not only understand those challenges but we also believe in giving people second chances! If you have the necessary upfront money and are gainfully employed with a good tenant history, we believe you will be a strong candidate for our Owner-Financed Homes. Because we want people to be successful in their new homes, the monthly house payment cannot be more than 40% of your household “net”, take-home income.

Will you accept a deposit to “hold” a house?

No, we cannot accept any deposits to “hold” a house. It is not fair to someone who may be qualified, has all the funds, and ready to move in. We continue to market the houses until that time an applicant pays and signs our contracts.

How do I get started?

You must have visited the home first before we can accept any paperwork. Go to our list of Available Homes and get the directions to visit the house you are interested in. Then come back and out an application and fill it out completely. Call us for a telephone interview. You do not need to send any money at this time.

What paperwork do I need to submit?

You will be required to completely fill out our application and submit photocopies of your Drivers License, Social Security cards, and proof of income (check stubs, bank statements, 1099 forms, and/or income tax form). We prefer for you to fax the documents to us at 888.696.3441 for our review. You will also be asked to submit a $15/person background check fee AFTER the telephone interview. We can only accept Money Order or Cashier Check payments.

What Other Rules & Regulations must I follow?

We charge an additional $250 for people who have pets and $75 per pet thereafter. This is a one-time charge. People who do not report pets will jeopardize their tenancy with us.

We have a limit of 4 vehicles for most properties and they are not allowed to be parked on the yard. Our properties are not meant to be used for vehicle storage facilities or a used car location. Vehicles on yards damage the curb appeal and lowers the value of the property consequently your ability to refinance the home.

You must maintain the yard adequately. Ill-maintained yards lead to pest infestations, rodents, lowered property value, and angry neighbors. You must do your part to uphold community standards.